Looking ahead to 2016

wordHow many of you are looking ahead to 2016 and thinking about your resolutions? Considering all the ways you’ll try to make next year better than this one? I’ve been doing that for a few weeks. I’ve kept a post-it on my computer and anytime I think of something I write it down.

It occurs to me that many of my resolutions are in the name of protecting myself. Do this less. Stay away from that. Cut down on this other thing.

And then it occurred to me that this hedging of habits and exposures seemed somewhat fear-based. Like I’m trying to keep some of life OUT so that I can feel safer. Healthier. Better.

But is that really the goal? Or is the goal to try to create a life that allows me to be more…me?

I don’t know if I’m explaining this well but it’s been a good addition to my New Year’s planning – this idea that what I’m really after is a life that allows me to listen to myself more. To act instead of react. To value meaning over the feeling of safety. Safety IS important. But not at the cost of hindering a powerfully lived life. Sometimes risks are just the thing. Sometimes risks are necessary for you to be you.

And so, my top resolution for 2016 is: Live from the soul.

Your deep thoughts for this Wednesday!

Happy New Year, my friends.


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