Roar and Peregrine

A big part of why I came back to this world was this friendship. I have so much fun writing these two. Here’s a peek at what’s in store in ROAR OF THE TIDES. Oh, and I’ve been getting lots of questions about whether it’ll be available in print. The answer is yes! It’ll be available for preorder as hardcover and paperback any day now.

“They think I’m an imbecile,” Roar muttered.
Perry smiled. “Observant of them.”
Roar looked at the brother he’d chosen. “I think I understand what’s happening. This is a nightmare. I have become you in it, the surly young leader who’s in way over his head, and you have become me, the witty and loyal friend everyone secretly prefers. If you’re really going to be me, though, you need to work on your humor.”
“You’re not that funny.”
“Hah. Better already.”


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