New Website!

Welcome to my new website! What do you think? Pretty epic, huh?layout3

I couldn’t be happier with it, and I have Icey Designs to thank. It’s such a pleasure to work with Hafsah. If you’re looking to design a site, I highly recommend her!

One of the things I love most about this site is the falcon image – because my dad drew it. Isn’t it incredible? It was a drawing he made to help with promotions for the UNDER THE NEVER SKY series. A falcon for Peregrine. When Hafsah and I were developing the site, we kept searching for an iconic image that we could build the site around. I suggested lighthouses and oceans (two things I dearly love) and we went back and forth for while, but we couldn’t land on the “right” image. Then I sent her this one and everything clicked. I think it’s perfect. It couldn’t be more meaningful to me. An image that my dad made to help promote my first novel. Good stuff.Image

Stay tuned for upcoming posts on RIDERS tour dates and giveaways. Things are about to get really fun!


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